My name is Chris, born and raised in Santa Barbara and have three kids ages 12, 15, and 17. I work for the County of Santa Barbara as a Real Estate Property Appraiser. I enjoy being active and love to do many things outside such as surf, kayak, fish, snorkel, MT bike, hike, tennis, and many other activities.

I started to feel pain in my shoulder in the summer of 2015, which eventually lead to my surgery on my left shoulder or rotator cuff on February 11, 2016. I was out of commission for about 8 weeks. Dr. Richard Ryu was my surgeon which I was happy to have, and he had me go to physical therapy for the rest of my rehab with a referral to go see physical therapist Dr. Yvonne Castillo.

I started to schedule a month of Physical Therapy, and I found out the place Yvonne works had another office closer to where I live, so I only made the first 2 appointments with Yvonne and then made the rest with different PT's at the location closer to me. After my first time seeing Yvonne which was around the end of April of 2016, I was so impressed by her that I switched all remaining appointments back to Yvonne even though it was a longer drive! This was my first time to have a surgery (except my wisdom teeth when I was 16) and to recover from it, and all of this working with physical therapists was new to me. I was eager to get started and get back to doing things. I really felt good having Yvonne, I could tell she really cares about you and it was obvious from day one.

For my first visit Yvonne knew all about my surgery by reviewing my surgery video, notes from my surgeon and pictures, and by speaking with her, I knew she had a plan and knew what she was doing. The fact she was so prepared impressed me and I could tell how knowledgeable and passionate she was in the whole process of recovering. I soon realized she sees many people like me recovering from surgery, so when I asked a question I felt confident in her answers.   
She is also a very honest person, and she lets you know where you are in the recovery process, which I appreciate. I also was impressed by her memory of how my shoulder was from the following week especially since she probably see's 20 plus patients a day. She never missed a day during my recovery, and always knew when I was seeing me surgeon and I was always where my Dr. Ryu thought I should be. On several occasions Yvonne squeezed me in for an appointment during her lunch break and offered to come in early or stay late if it would be easier for me. I feel I had the best most passionate, good caring PT, and I felt so grateful she helped get my shoulder back to where it needed to be which was around the end of October 2016.

About 7 months later my right shoulder started bothering me too, so my regular Dr. sent me to PT in May 2017 for 2 months to see if they can make it better or I need surgery. So, I made sure I found Yvonne and saw her again for 2 months. She was great and eventually said I needed an MRI and possibly surgery. When I did my MRI, she even met me during a small break of hers to go over the MRI and explained everything to me, since my surgeon was unavailable for a couple weeks. I did need surgery, which I had on August 28, 2017, with Dr. Ryu and it will require more PT. This time I had a torn Labrum, torn rotator cuff and some bicep damage. I'm looking forward to working with Yvonne again in about 3 weeks.

Over the time that I have known Yvonne, I have run into at least 4-5 different people who after speaking with them about surgery they all had the same thing to say, and that was how much they liked their PT, and then finding out they all had Dr. Yvonne Castillo. It really doesn't surprise me cause, she just goes the extra mile and always cheerful, positive and supportive! She also seems well respected by her other PT's she works with. I also see how great she is with patients before me and after and she seems well liked by everyone. She is a really special and wonderful person, and her patients should be lucky to have her! I would not be surprised if she becomes the most sought after PT in Santa Barbara, or becomes involved in another aspect or level of Physical Therapy.

I really did enjoy going to physical therapy, and some of that was just seeing and talking with Yvonne. I got to know her by talking with her during my appointments, and I found out how good of a person she is. She always would be positive and ask how my kids and dogs are and what I did with them on the weekend, and I learned more about her life outside of work. I really like how her family is a big part of her life. She talked about them often, and also stories about her dog. We talked about her education, and how my 17 year old daughter wants to go to the same College, and she always offers to speak with her about Berkeley. Also my middle daughter 15 wants to be a physical therapist, and Yvonne has offered to speak with her about the occupation which we will do one of these days. ! I have learned she has great character, and high family values, you can tell she was raised by a close loving family and I think that's awesome. Having 3 kids (1 boy and 2 daughters) myself, I would find myself hoping my kids turn out as good as she did and how proud her parents must be of her. I meet a lot of people at work and through kids school/sports and Yvonne is one of the best good quality persons I have met in a long time.

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